BV Magazine

When we conceptualised Bendigo Vinyl (over a few beers at the Cambrian Hotel Bendigo), we wanted to be more than just another record store.

There are some other stores that we love but it still felt like a bit of a secret club and we didn't think it needed to. It also felt like a lot of the advice out there about turntables and Vinyl set-ups tended towards the higher end audiophile and we thought there was just as much fun to be had at the lower price points.

So now that we have our store, we also have real advice. Honest reviews and guides on all things Vinyl that will look at more than just the purest high fidelity audio (we will still talk about that, Sam is an audio engineer after all).

We also thought it would be a great place to talk about what we really love. The music. Click one of the links below to check out our gear guides and reviews or our reviews and opinions on what's happening in music right now, including our podcast/Youtube show, "Underrated, Overrated, Dumpster Fire"