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Blame It All On Love (Transparent Green Vinyl)

Blame It All On Love (Transparent Green Vinyl)

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“I've spent 15 years being like, ‘fuck your rules,’ and I finally feel like I'm not trying to prove anything or anyone wrong,” Jeffrey Paradise AKA Poolside says. “It’s just pure, unfiltered expression, and that’s why I'm really excited about this record.”

On his fourth studio album Blame It All On Love, Paradise leaves the shallows and enters the depths of his own creative voice. Its 11 tracks are funky, soulful, laidback and full of hooks that elevate Poolside’s sound to poignant pop heights.

Rather than flex his electronic muscles, the production marks a return to his live music roots and finds ease in simple and radiant layers of sound, even as it comes face-to-face with the complex reality of one’s dreams come true. It’s a true product of everywhere he’s been and the long and winding journey he’s taken to arrive at this moment where there’s nothing left to fight or prove, just perfect grooves as heard on previously released singles “Each Night” featuring Mazy and “Back To Life” with Panama

140g Transparent Green Vinyl

1. Ride With You
2. Float Away
3. Back To Life
4. Moonlight
5. Where Is The Thunder?
6. Each Night
7. We Could Be Falling In Love
8. Ventura Highway Blues
9. Hold On To You
10. Sea Of Dreams
11. Lonely Night

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