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Euphoria Season 2 (Official Soundtrack)

Euphoria Season 2 (Official Soundtrack)

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Returning to create the sound of Euphoria Season 2 Official Score From The HBO Original Series, Labrinth creates a haunting portrait to accompany the angst we've come to love from the HBO Original. With chilling layered vocals, several tracks featuring Zendaya, Dominic Fike and Angus Cloud, and driving electronic beats, the world of Euphoria comes to life.

  1. The Angels
  2. I'm Tired (Long Version)
  3. ICE (We Should Do Drugs)
  4. See You Assholes Later
  5. She Certainly Looks The Part
  6. Dracula (Nate Sees Cassie)
  7. Skeletons (Lexi Needed A Break)
  8. Putting Everything Away
  9. Fez's Interlude (with Angus Cloud)
  10. El Weirdo (I Relapsed)
  11. This Is Life
  12. Every Second Counts
  13. Truth Or Dare
  14. Washing Off The Blood
  15. Elliot's Song (with Dominic Fike, Zendaya & Labrinth)
  16. I Don't Know If I'm A Good Person
  17. Love Is Complicated (The Angels Sing)
  18. Fun At The Alley
  19. Sidekicks Are Smarter
  20. Pros & Cons
  21. At Least I'm Loved
  22. Rue's I'm Tired (with Zendaya)
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