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Fela Ransome-Kuti

Live! (2012 Reissue)

Live! (2012 Reissue)

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Live! is notable for the maturation of several signature characteristics of Afrobeat that had only been present in foetal form on Fela’s earlier albums. “Black Man’s Cry” is an explicit expression of the philosophy Fela would later call Blackism; and his interaction with the Africa 70 horn section on “Ye Ye De Smell,” where the horns repeat his sung phrases, and his sing-along passages with the band on “Egbe Mi O,” are precursors of the call-and-response vocals that would become a key feature of Afrobeat.

  1. Let's Start
  2. Black Man's Cry
  3. Ye Ye De Small
  4. Egbe Mi O
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