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Sidewalk (40th Anniversary Clear Vinyl Edition)

Sidewalk (40th Anniversary Clear Vinyl Edition)

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Praised for its eclectic mix of genres, Sidewalk is described as a sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of the 1980s music scene. The album's influence on subsequent generations of musicians is evident in its fusion of new wave and synth-rock, helping shape the sound of the era. Originally released in 1984, Sidewalk showcases the band's versatility, featuring hits like "Taking the Town" and “Dusty Pages”. 

Forty years on, the hit track, "Don't Believe Anymore", is a fan favorite at ICEHOUSE’s live shows. Frontman Iva Davies's distinctive vocals and songwriting prowess shine through each track on the album. Shades of Davies’ work on the soundtrack for Russell Mulcahy’s film, Razorback, can also be heard on several tracks. Iva Davies’ close working relationship with the engineers at Fairlight enabled him to customise features of the Fairlight, which was used for both Sidewalk and the soundtrack for Razorback. These customisations were added to the standard design of the Fairlight, of which only 300 were ever built.  Davies continued to use the Fairlight as a main component of his studio work station until 1990.

To commemorate its 40th anniversary, Sidewalk is being re-released on clear vinyl.  Sidewalk continues to solidify its status as a classic in ICEHOUSE’s recorded history.

1. Taking The Town
2. This Time
3. Someone Like You
4. Stay Close Tonight
5. Don't Believe AnymoreSidewalk
6. Dusty Pages
7. On My Mind
8. Shot Down
9. The Mountain

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