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Sounds Like Butter Turntable Pack (RSD Exclusive)

Sounds Like Butter Turntable Pack (RSD Exclusive)

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  • Description
  • Turntable(s)
  • Speakers
  • Amplifier

NOTE: all our turntable packs have everything you need to take home, plug in, and spin a record (except for the record).

NOTE: This is made to order furniture. Orders will be placed on the day and shipped (Free) the following week.

If you've been to our little record store in person, or follow us on social media, you'll have seen all our beautifully designed furniture holding our records, displaying our turntables, and providing us with our counter and bar. Lets not forget the 8ft wall of records with sliding ladder either. All of this was designed in partnership with our friends at 'Like Butter' in their solar powered HQ just 30 mins down the road.

For Record store day this year, Jem from Like butter reached out to see if we would be interested in collaborating on a one off piece combining some custom parts and their kitta parts system. 

We decided to build a piece around our "Essential Modern Hi-Fi" range of turntable packs and after a few different iterations, Jem nailed it. 

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 Only Available in extremely limited quantities over Record Store Day. 
The Like Butter furniture is available separately for $1499.

What's in the Packs?

Our Essential Modern Hi-Fi range is an introduction to separates, where each component of your record playing system does (almost) one job, and does it perfectly. It's also a perfectly valid end game for most, something that can be tweaked and expanded while still keeping the core components and philosophy the same. Oh, and they look the part too. 

  • Custom Bendigo Records x LikeButter KittaParts
  • Pro-Ject T1 or Debut Carbon Evo Turntable
  • Encel Gelati Bookshelf speakers
  • Encel Brains Integrated Amplifier
  • All the cables and bits you need to get started

Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB Turntable

Check out the full product page here

You can check out all the tech specs in the T1 Turntable product page if you like, but there is a good reason this is the one in the pack.

  1. It's fully manual
  2. No unnecessary features
  3. 33/45 RPM speed switch
  4. Have you seen it?! It's gorgeous!

The Speakers - Encel's Gelati bookself speakers

Check out the full product page here

Again feel free to check out the full details in the product page (link above) but these Melbourne designed miracles are our favourite passive bookshelf speakers. We wouldn't introduce someone to the world of passive speakers any other way

  1. Phenomenal value for money
  2. Pair well with our choice of amplifier
  3. Of course, we don't pick anything that's ugly!
  4. Option to custimise with a range of magnetic grilles

The Amplifier - Encel "Brains" Integrated Amplifier

Check out the full product page here

The full details are on the product page (link above) but this little powerhouse is the ideal intro to amps and hi-fi audio components. 

  1. Compact profile, and stylish design
  2. Classic build, modern design
  3. Simple set-up for any knowledge level


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