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The "Eden" Turntable Pack

The "Eden" Turntable Pack

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  • Description
  • The Turntable
  • The Speakers
  • Record Care

NOTE: all our turntable packs have everything you need to take home, plug in, and spin a record (except for the record).

We want you to be able to get started with Vinyl as cheaply and easily as possible. We also don't want to sell crap. There can be a lot to think about when getting into records or hi-fi (two very seperate things), where do you start? There's amps, different types of speakers, even pre-amps and phono stages. But if you are getting into records, probably the most exiting part, is going to be the turntable. That's the bit that becomes part of the real tactile experience on putting on a record. This is where the "Eden" pack comes in. One of the best value for money, entry level, fully manual turntables on the market. Pair that with a pair of studio quality monitors from Adam Audio (from the folks that brought you Eve audio) and it comes in black. Lots to love. Pro level audio at a reasonable price.

What's in the Pack

The "Eden" pack is designed to be the authentic vinyl experience, fuss free and but with top shelf sound. A fully manual turntable with built in phono stage (you don't need to know what that is yet but if you want to check out this article), our favourite mid-level powered speakers (speakers with an amp built in), and let's not forget all the essentials to keep your turntable and records in perfect condition.

  • Audio Technica LPW40WN (Walnut) OR LPW50PB (Piano Black) Turntable
  • Adam Audio T5V Speakers or Adam Audio T7V
  • Record Cleaner Set


The Turntable - Audio Technica's LPW40

Check out the full product page here

You can check out all the tech specs in the LPW40WN product page if you like but there is a good reason this is the one in the pack. We've chosen the LPW40 in our ultimate starter pack range because it

  1. Incredible value for money
  2. Built to last
  3. Sounds great
  4. Has features to get you started quickly (built in phone stage)
  5. Has features to grow with you (manual operation and easily upgradable parts)

Upgrading to the Piano Black?
The LPW50PB comes with upgraded high isolation feet and a thick, high gloss piano black finish that also helps reduce acoustic resonance.

The Speakers - Adam Audio T5V 

Check out the full product page here

Again feel free to check out the full details in the product page (link above) but the Adam Audio T5V are our favourite mid-level speakers for a reason and may be the perfect gateway to get you listening how the artist does

  1. Studio quality sound
  2. Independent volume controls for each speaker, so you can get LOUD.
  3. Easy RCA connections and high level European design

Upgrading to the Adam Audio T7V?

These bigger 7" woofers will really blow your socks off.


The Record cleaner set by "AM"

Essential cleaning, stabilising and anti-static treatment for your vinyl records and stylus. The specially formulated non-abrasive record cleaner and anti-static vinyl brush safely and efficiently eliminate grime, dirt and static build-up from your vinyl collection. The stylus cleaner lifts dust, grit and particles worn from the stylus tip.

What's in the Box
Record cleaner (45ml): Spray the record cleaner directly on the record making sure not to wet the label. Take the cotton cloth and gently wipe the record in a circular motion. Work your way inwards tracing out the circular line markings on the record.

Stylus cleaner: Use the applicator to brush from the back of the stylus (the end nearest the cantilever) towards the tip.

Vinyl brush: Gently hold the brush in the grooves as the record spins. After the record makes a full rotation, angle the brush towards the outside of the record and carefully sweep the particles from the vinyl surface.

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