A place where people make music.

Part of our vision for Bendigo Records was to be a force for good (read: a force for change) in the music industry. We believe that all the way from the grass roots kid in the bedroom with a guitar, to internationally recognised acts, there is room to do things better.

People make music, our favourite little phrase that can mean so many different things. One of those things is that it takes all kinds of people to really make music happen, from the artist to the guitar tech, the roadies and music business people, to the (crucically important) fans. Bendigo Records is a community that aims to bring those people together.

Record with Bendigo Records

Rehearse in a unique space, full of inspiration. Record your practice and listen back to what could be your setlist at your next gig. Maybe it's time to get some demos down or even record that EP or album "properly". We've got gear, a great space, and quality recording and mix engineers that will help you get your sound nailed down on record.

If you'd like to play or record at Bendigo Records, pop in, give us a call or reach out to us using the form below or email us at music@bendigorecords.com.au

Management & artist services

Ready to take the next step in your music career? Getting started and want to "do it right"? We can also help with booking gigs, PR and Marketing. From a bit of advice to get you started to working partnerships to grow your career. Also offering Management and label style services to select artists

If you'd like to work with us, get in touch and we can get started on a plan.

Our Artists