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There's a lot of advice out there about turntables, and speakers, and amps, and even matching them correctly to get the right sound. Ever wish someone would make it easy and just tell you what a good combo would be for you?
Well here it is. Each package has been put together with a specific purpose, person or need in mind, not just a price bracket, so you're sure to find something to suit. (And they come with everything you need to get spinning, cables and all)

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Compact & Simple

Our "Compact & Simple" range of complete turntable packs are just that, but not only that. It might be downsizing, apartment living, or just not wanting a giant behemoth of a hi-fi system dominating your living space, there is a need for some things, even vinyl, to be a little more streamlined. The other main player in these turntable packs is simplicity. We were aiming for the easiest way we can get someone up and listing to vinyl with as few roadblocks and unneccessary components as possible.

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Essential, Modern Hi-Fi

Want to get started with the essentials of Hi-Fi. Also aware that it's not 1974 anymore? Welcome to our "Essential Modern Hi-Fi" range of complete turntable packs.

The brief with these packs is simple. Get the essentials of Hi-Fi and Vinyl listening, do the basics really well. Keep it modern. A few extra features, like bluetooth streaming to your new speakers (don't worry, we still plug in the turntable). An attention to the details of modern living, nothing too large or obtuse and my god will we make look good.

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