Collection: Compact & Simple

Our "Compact & Simple" range of complete turntable packs are just that, but not only that. It might be downsizing, apartment living, or just not wanting a giant behemoth of a hi-fi system dominating your living space, there is a need for some things, even vinyl, to be a little more streamlined. The other main player in these turntable packs is simplicity. Was is the easiest way we can get someone up and listing to vinyl with as few roadblocks and wanted components as possible.

Now let's be clear, these packs aren't just cheap bits for now, these all pack a punch, and punch way above their weight. All the packs in this range come with two main bits, your turntable, and your speakers. What about the rest of it? Well all the speakers here are powered (meaning usualy there is an amp on the back of one of the speakers), and all the turntables have a built in (and switchable) phono stage. That's it. Plug both components into the wall, and run an included cable between them, you are ready to start spinning.