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A Gift & A Kers (Smoky Green Vinyl)

A Gift & A Kers (Smoky Green Vinyl)

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Containing 23 massive tracks, no feats by other rappers and exactly zero skip moments, A Gift & A Kers is the gift that keeps on giving. Kerser has already dropped five strong, stylistically diverse tastes from his upcoming 10th – and final – album release, but the self-made, Campbelltown-bred rapper points out, “There’s still 18 fresh songs for fans to hear on this record.”

  1. The Main Event
  2. Hit After Hit
  3. Ask About Me ft. Dekstah
  4. Winner
  5. Reppin'
  6. High Demand
  7. Move Wit' Da Rhymes
  8. Telem How
  9. I Look Like Money
  10. Never Be The Same
  11. Tryin'
  12. Take You Back
  13. On A Mission
  14. Swimmin' In Da Air
  15. Seen It All
  16. Claimed My Crown
  17. Walk Wit' Me
  18. Back Again
  19. Been Some Time
  20. Modern Love
  21. Mmm So Good
  22. Like I'm Trapped
  23. Will I Ever See You Again
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