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City and Colour

A Pill For Loneliness

A Pill For Loneliness

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“A Pill For Loneliness” is City And Colour's eighth studio album, originally released in 2019. Citizen have always eluded definition. The Toledo, Ohio-based three-piece have been making dynamic, wide-ranging guitar music for over ten years, challenging expectations with each new album and refusing to fit neatly in a box.

"A Pill For Loneliness" is one of City And Colour's best albums to date, containing many fan favourite songs such as “Blue Sunday,” and “I Want To Kill You.” this album is a must have for any fan of the Rock scene. 

Side A:
  1. Living In Lightning
  2. Astronaut
  3. Imagination
Side B:
  1. Difficult Love
  2. Me And The Moonlight
  3. Mountain Of Madness
Side C:
  1. Song Of Unrest
  2. Strangers
  3. The War Years
Side D:
  1. Young Lovers
  2. Lay Me Down
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