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Beatles, The

Abbey Road

Abbey Road

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At the end of the 60's Paul McCartney knew the writing was on the wall, the greatest band of all time didn't have much longer together. He wanted everyone to be in the same room again making albums like they used to. One final time for a whole LP. Named for the famed recording studio where they had changed the course of music forever, Lennon, Star, McCartney and Harrison made what might be their greatest work. A solid collection of everything they had learned to that point. Catchy hooks, rhythmic guitar parts, gentle piano's. A certified masterpiece.

1. Come Together
2. Something
3. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4. Oh! Darling
5. Octopus's Garden
6. I Want You (She's So Heavy)
7. Here Comes the Sun
8. Because
9. You Never Give Me Your Money
10. Sun King
11. Mean Mr. Mustard
12. Polythene Pam
13. She Came In Through the Bathroom Window
14. Golden Slumbers
15. Carry That Weight
16. The End
17. Her Majesty (hidden track)

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