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Electric Light Orchestra

All Over the World

All Over the World

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There are a few bands whose names are exactly what their music sounds like. 'Led Zeppelin' sound like a falling German airship most definitely. 'The Mamas & The Papas' certainly sound like an ill-advised parent based summer camp music troupe. There is probably no greater example however than Jeff Lyne's ELO, 'Electric Light Orchestra'. It does what is says on the box. Incandescent rhythms, Spotlit melodies, Neon pulsing through a hopeful look at the future of music. This collection of their best loved work is a special time capsule of disco dreaming in a pre-internet wonderland. Xanadu.  

1. Mr. Blue Sky
2. Evil Woman
3. Don't Bring Me Down
4. Sweet Talkin' Woman
5. Shine a Little Love
6. Turn to Stone
7. The Diary of Horace Wimp
8. Confusion
9. Hold on Tight
10. Livin' Thing
11. Telephone Line
12. All over the World
13. Wild West Hero
14. Showdown
15. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
16. Xanadu
17. Rockaria!
18. Strange Magic
19. Alright
20. Rock "n" Roll Is King

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