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Antisocialites (Clear / Yellow Splatter Vinyl Reissue)

Antisocialites (Clear / Yellow Splatter Vinyl Reissue)

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Antisocialites is the second studio album by Canadian indie pop band Alvvays!

Antisocialites received positive reviews from critics. In a review from Pitchfork,with  critic Marc Hogan praised the album as being "thoroughly accomplished".

It was noted that the album was darker than the band's 2014 debut with Paste Magazine writer Steven Edelstone found the band's comparatively more serious lyrical content as "uneasy", but still a "record that begs to be blasted on road trips and at rooftop parties",while Mike Katzif of NPR interpreted the album's lead track "In Undertow" as a "darker spiritual sequel" to their 2014 breakthrough single "Archie, Marry Me".

 Canadian music magazine Exclaim ranked Antisocialites as their #1 album in their 2017 year-end list of pop and rock albums, drawing attention to the album's songwriting and "plain and simple" approach.

Restocked on Clear with yello Splatter vinyl

  1. In Undertow
  2. Dreams Tonite
  3. Plimsoll Punks
  4. Your Type
  5. Not My Baby
  6. Hey
  7. Lollipop (Ode to Jim)
  8. Already Gone
  9. Save By A Waif
  10. Forget About Life
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