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Black Country, New Road

Ants From Up There (Deluxe 4LP Boxset)

Ants From Up There (Deluxe 4LP Boxset)

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4 x 140g deluxe vinyl box set, black paper inner sleeves with 4 art prints and 22 page lyric booklet and sticker.

Following on almost exactly a year to the day from the release of their acclaimed debut For the first time, Black Country, New Road have harnessed the momentum from that record and run full pelt into their second, with Ants From Up There managing to strike a skilful balance between feeling like a bold stylistic overhaul of what came before, as well as a natural progression.

Their debut For the first time is a certain 2021 Album of the Year, having received ecstatic reviews from critics and fans alike as well as being shortlisted for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize. Released in February to extensive, global, critical support - perhaps best summed up by The Times who wrote in their 5/5 review that they were "the most exciting band of 2021" and The Observer who called their record "one of the best albums of the year" - the album made a significant dent on the UK Albums Chart where it landed at #4 in its first week, a remarkable achievement for a largely experimental debut record.

With For the first time the band melded klezmer, post-rock, indie and an often intense spoken word delivery. On Ants From Up There they have expanded on this unique concoction to create a singular sonic middle ground that traverses classical minimalism, indie-folk, pop, alt rock and a distinct tone that is already unique to the band.

Recorded at Chale Abbey Studios, Isle Of Wight, across the summer with the band’s long-term live engineer Sergio Maschetzko, it’s also an album that comes loaded with a deep-rooted conviction in the end result. “We were just so hyped the whole time,” says Hyde. “It was such a pleasure to make. I've kind of accepted that this might be the best thing that I'm ever part of for the rest of my life. And that's fine.”

Ants From Up There
Side A
A1.  Intro
A2. Chaos Space Marine
A3. Concorde
A4. Bread Song
Side B
B1. Good Will Hunting
B2. Haldern
B3. Mark’s Theme
Side C
C1. The Place Where He Inserted the Blade
C2. Snow Globes  
Side D
D1. Basketball Shoes

Live from the Queen Elizabeth Hall
Side A
A1. Mark’s Theme (Live from the Queen Elizabeth Hall)
A2. Instrumental (Live from the Queen Elizabeth Hall)
A3. Athens France (Live from the Queen Elizabeth Hall)
Side B
B1. Science Fair (Live from the Queen Elizabeth Hall)
B2. Sunglasses (Live from the Queen Elizabeth Hall)
Side C
C1. Track X (Live from the Queen Elizabeth Hall)  
C2. Opus (Live from the Queen Elizabeth Hall)
C3. Bread Song (Live from the Queen Elizabeth Hall)
Side D
D1. Basketball Shoes (Live from the Queen Elizabeth Hall)

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