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Arcadia (Limited Edition Midnight Blue Vinyl)

Arcadia (Limited Edition Midnight Blue Vinyl)

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Sydney's STUMPS announce their second full length album Arcadia. Reminiscent of bands like Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix, its sound traverses and blurs the boundaries of indie, dance, pop and rock — much like the spectrum of feelings and tones explored on Arcadia, which amalgamates euphoria, contemplation, sincerity and integrity, all whilst being memorable and danceable.

The undercurrent of Arcadia’s 12 tracks is the shedding of a skin — both lyrically, in the sense that life’s heaviest and darkest moments can fuel the most joyful, and sonically, in the choices STUMPS made when crafting each song. 

Working with producer Fletcher Matthews (Trophy Eyes, Adam Newling, The Buoys), Arcadia is awash with soothing melodies, peppered with prickly drum beats and searing synth lines,  from their emotive and bright previous singles ‘Brinawa St.’ and ‘Life’s Moving Past You’, to the anthemic ‘Dose’ and house party heater ‘David Byrne’


  1. Dose
  2. Cyanide
  3. David Byrne
  4. Nobodys Home
  5. Lifes Moving Past You
  6. Parkway
  7. Serotonin
  8. Habits
  9. Turncoat Theory
  10. Treadmill
  11. Brinawa St.
  12. Lights Go Out
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