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Baby Driver

Baby Driver

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Edgar Wright out-Tarantino's Quentin Tarantino in the 'Abuse your film's plot to leverage all your favourite songs into it' sweepstakes on his 2017 crime flick 'Baby Driver'. A music obsessed getaway driver is the device he uses to collate one of the greatest rock and soul collections in cinematic history. Now on Vinyl! 

1. Bellbottom
2. Harlem Shuffle
3. Egyptian Reggae
4. Smokey Joe's La La
5. Let's Go Away for Awhile
6. B-A-B-Y
7. Kashmere
8. Unsquare Dance
9. Neat Neat Neat
10. Easy
11. Debora
12. Debra
13. Bongolia
14. Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)
15. Early in the Morning
16. The Edge
17. Nowhere to Run
18. Tequila
19. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
20. Every Little Bit Hurts
21. Intermission
22. Hocus Pocus
23. Radar Love
24. Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up
25. Know How
26. Brighton Rock
27. Easy
28. Baby Driver
29. Was He Slow?
30. Chase Me (Feat. Run the Jewels and Big Boi)

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