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Bec Stevens

Big Worry

Big Worry

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Bec Steven’s new album BIG WORRY!

On the album she shares “You don’t have to be an old BS fan to know I spill my guts out in my music; trauma dumping with a backing track. This piece of work is something I am incredibly proud of from start to finish which is not something I’ve ever experienced!

I cover a lot on this record, and I had a lot of help physically and mentally from so many people that I'm very grateful for. Hell, I moved states for this record. Not only did I never think I’d ever put out an album, but I also didn’t believe I’d ever be able to work with another person on my music.“

Producer Jonathon Tooke contributed his talents to each song on the album. He is known for being half of the group Cry Club. Bec also had help from friend Ben Stewart (Slowly Slowly & Congrats), co-producing a handful of songs on the album, including the first two singles, ‘Big Worry’ and ‘A Stranger’.

  1. A Stranger
  2. Big Worry
  3. Blackout
  4. Seddon
  5. Nightreader
  6. Creep
  7. Overcast
  8. Thank God Youre Here
  9. Growing Pains
  10. James Song
  11. You & Me
  12. Gold Star
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