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Massive Attack

Blue Lines

Blue Lines

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It is hard to overstate how important 'Blue Lines' is to the history of recorded music. Beyond just being the first ever trip-hop album, the Bristol natives captured the pulse of a disaffected generation of Gen X-ers in a quintessentially British way. While hard-rock Alternative became the catch cry of disassociated American teenagers across the pond, Europe was crying out for something more mature and substantial. The template is here. Slow rave rhythms, lo-fidelity chops with high-fidelity melodies. Painstakingly put together for maximum impact with a minimum of elements. Contains maybe the song of the decade in 'Unfinished Sympathy' if you need any other reasons to buy this classic.

1. Safe from Harm
2. One Love
3. Blue Lines
4. Be Thankful for What You've Got
5. Five Man Army
6. Unfinished Sympathy
7. Daydreaming
8. Lately
9. Hymn of the Big Wheel

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