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Music Has The Right To Children

Music Has The Right To Children

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Michael and Marcus Eoin Sandison's 1998 debut hit with the force of an idea fully formed—and beamed from a distant galaxy, at that. The sources of their crackling ambient tracks—the boom-bap beats of '80s hip-hop, the eerie synths of '70s nature documentaries—are familiar, but the overall effect is as strange as an out-of-body experience. Melodies warble like warped tape, and disembodied voices dart through the murk like auditory hallucinations. It's a spellbinding balancing act between childlike wonder and grown-up dread.

1. Wildlife Analysis
2. An Eagle In Your Mind
3. The Color Of The Fire
4. Telephasic Workshop
5. Triangles And Rhombuses
6. Sixtyten
7. Turquoise Hexagon Sun
8. Kaini Industries
9. Bocuma
10. Roygbiv
11. Rue The Whirl
12. Aquarius
13. Olson
14. Pete Standing Alone
15. Smokes Quantity
16. Open The Light
17. One Very Important Thought

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