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Harvey Sutherland



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Melbourne producer and bandleader Mike Katz—aka Harvey Sutherland, the name under which Katz has released music since 2013—refers to his debut album Boy as “neurotic funk”. Certainly there’s plenty of dance and electro-funk to be heard here, particularly on his collab with boogie legend DāM FunK on “Feeling of Love” and the slap-bass-heavy “Michael Was Right About You” (featuring Katz on vocals). The neurotic part of the equation comes from the fact that Katz penned the album in between touring, recording and visits with his psychotherapist. There’s a jitteriness to the jazz-funk of “Age of Acceleration”, which reflects on the chaotic events of 2022, while the rock ’n’ roll-meets-dance of “Type A” (featuring Jack “sos” Summers of Melbourne punkers CLAMM) boasts the lyric “My insecurity is all genuine.” Krautrock infiltrates the title track and opener “Jouissance”, the latter also influenced by Melbourne producer and composer Kirkis, reinforcing the sense that this is dance music with soul, heart, and a nervous twitch.

  1. Jouissance
  2. Age Of Accelartion
  3. Feelin' Of Love (Feat. D?M-FunK)
  4. Holding Pattern
  5. Michael Was Right About You
  6. Slackers
  7. Type A (Feat. sos)
  8. Angry Young Man
  9. Boy
  10. Time On My Side
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