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Black Cab

Call Signs

Call Signs

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'Call Signs', the critically acclaimed third album from Melbourne group Black Cab, incorporates an original blend of '70s rock, 80s post-punk and proto electronic dance beats.

With shades of Cold War tension and undertones of political intrigue, the album possesses an anxious and exciting energy that holds you captive from start to finish. Shortlisted for the 2009 Australian Music Prize, Call Signs also features a guest vocal on the track Ghost Anthems by legendary Died Pretty front-man Ron Peno.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of its release, Call Signs has been remastered and pressed on limited edition 'stasi filing cabinet gray' 180gm vinyl.


  1. Call Signs
  2. Church In Berlin
  3. Rescue
  4. Fates
  5. Black Angel
  6. Lost & Falling


  1. Sonnenallee
  2. Ghost Anthems (feat. Ron S. Peno)
  3. After the War
  4. Wires 2
  5. Sword & Shield
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