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Lana Del Rey

Chemtrails Over the Country Club

Chemtrails Over the Country Club

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It is hard to remember a time in pop music before Lana Del Rey. In the ten years since 'Video Games' and 'Born to Die' you can throw a rock in a Spotify playlist and hit artists paying homage or attempting emulation. The intimate delivery of soft melodies into your ear like a 1950's American housewife who started an A.S.M.R Youtube channel are still here on 'Chemtrails...'. So are the haunting portraits of middle-America. Lana proves again that you can look glamorous and sing about anything but. She has always understood that complicated relationships are sometimes better illuminated in silence than cacophony. 

1. White Dress
2. Chemtrails over the Country Club
3. Tulsa Jesus Freak
4. Let Me Love You like a Woman
5. Wild at Heart
6. Dark but Just a Game
7. Not All Who Wander Are Lost
8. Yosemite
9. Breaking Up Slowly
10. Dance Till We Die
11. For Free (featuring Zella Day and Weyes Blood)

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