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Lumineers, The



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Folk songs between tradition and modernity - this is the approach The Lumineers already took on their self-titled debut four years ago. Now, in 2016, the trio presents "Cleopatra", their new, second album.
Eleven new tracks are on it, which in contrast to the predecessor sound much more "plugged in". That means: Instead of acoustic guitar, drums and cello there are now also bigger arrangements and the piano in the foreground. Drums and cello sound much fuller. In addition, you can notice the experience that The Lumineers have gathered during their three-year tour through six continents.
With this, Wesley Schultz, Neyla Pekarek and Jeremiah Fraites went into the studio in 2015, or rather initially into a small house in their home Denver, which they had rented especially for their demo recordings.
The band provided a taste of "Cleopatra" with their song "Ophelia". And it shows that The Lumineers haven't forgotten how to write real earworms in the last years.
The arrangements have become even more complex, the melodies even catchier. With their debut album, The Lumineers defined their very own sound, which they are now expanding on with "Cleopatra".

1 Sleep On The Floor
2 Ophelia
3 Cleopatra
4 Gun Song
5 Angela

1 In The Light
2 Gale Song
3 Long Way From Home
4 Sick In The Head
5 My Eyes
6 Patience

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