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Flying Lotus



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As you may deduce from the title of his latest opus, Steven Ellison - aka Flying Lotus - done just that. Not only has an entirely new range of sounds been unlocked by our intrepid astral traveler, but every genre touchstone associated with his name has been merged into a self-described "space opera."

1 Clock Catcher 
2 Pickled! 
3 Nose Art 
4 Intro//A Cosmic Drama 
5 Zodiac Shit 
6 Computer Face//Pure Being 
7 ...And The World Laughs With You 
8 Arkestry 
9 MmmHmm 
10 Do The Astral Plane 
11 Satelllliiiiiiiteee 
12 German Haircut 
13 Recoiled 
14 Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph 
15 Drips//Auntie's Harp 
16 Table Tennis 
17 Galaxy In Janaki

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