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Australian Crawl

Crawl File (Limited Red Vinyl)

Crawl File (Limited Red Vinyl)

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Crawl File was the first compilation that featured Australian Crawl’s storied catalogue. Originally released in 1984, the album is a collection of the band’s hits from ‘The Boys Light Up’, ‘Sirocco’, ‘Sons Of Beaches’ and EP ‘Semantics’.

As we head towards the album’s 40th anniversary, it’s been repressed on vinyl for the first time since 1984 in a limited-edition red colour.

1. Beautiful People
2. Indisposed
3. Errol
4. Shutdown
5. Oh No Not You Again
6. Lakeside
7. Downhearted
8. Things Don't Seem
9. Unpublished Critics
10.White Limbo
11. Letter from Zimbabwe
12. Reckless (Don't You Be So...)
13. Hoochie Gucci Fiorucci Mama
14. The Boys Light Up

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