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Ausecuma Beats

Dakar Bamako

Dakar Bamako

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Impressed Recordings are thrilled to be partnering with Music In Exile, a not-for-profit record label and registered Australian charity supporting musicians with lived experience of migrant and displacement working in the contemporary Australian music industry.

The first release is the new album from Ausecuma Beats, a Melbourne-based Afro-Cuban ensemble. Hailing from West Africa, the group had a vision of bringing their three home cities - Melbourne, Australia; Dakar, Senegal; and Bamako, Mali - together in an album that celebrated the intense creative energy coursing through the streets of these three places.

This, their third studio album, Dakar Bamako, features fourteen musicians from three cities around the world, coming together in a true cross-cultural collaboration, celebrating stories of migration, cooperation and the unifying power of music and dance.

It's available on heavyweight random regrind vinyl - each colour completely unique - with a custom obi strip that combines Music In Exile's playful art with Impressed's individually-numbered design. There's a heavyweight coloured insert too, and specially-commissioned essay only available for Impressed customers when ordered via the site. 

There's only 200 of these, and the music is simply incredible.

1. Only Fair
2. Night and Day
3. Happy Person
4. Ants
5. Lost in a Daze
6. Always
7. Brighter Side of Blue
8. How the Time is Tickin'
9. Ghost
10. Nothin' Left to Burn
11. Fade Away

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