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Decent Shapes

Decent Shapes

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Following on from their 2021 debut Expressions of Interest, Naarm synth-punk five-piece screensaver return with their sophomore album Decent Shapes. Out OCT 20th via Poison City // Upset The Rhythm (UK).

"screensaver’s kinetic tension and relentless groove never falters. The Melbourne/ Naarm based quintet have been buzzing since the release of their debut album, Expressions of Interest and last year’s propulsive single, Clean Current/Repeats., their synth punk sound expanding upon the framework of bands like ESG, The Cure, and Pylon......screensaver keep the pulse moving with dance-floor ready rhythms, indebted to the 80’s sense of new wave futurism." - Post-Trash

On Decent Shapes there is bubbling tension, a low grade but growing fever, a rising rage. The frustration is so tangible you can taste it. Detachment and dissociation become survivalist coping mechanisms.

Thematically, screensaver's latest offering finds them exploring existence on an ever-growing trash heap where we’re desperate for the new, the nice and the shiny. A world where materialism reigns supreme and corporate niceties litter the public dialogue but behind closed doors the sentiment is warlike, total domination is the only answer to the bottom line. All of which is underpinned by the band's sonic sense of urgency and a commitment to creating a sound that taps into the mood and spirit of post-punk whilst also allowing space for new wave elements and electronic experiments to shine through.

Decent Shapes was recorded and mixed by Julian Cue, who was also the recording engineer for Expressions of Interest. Defined by a kinetic energy, dynamic range and brooding atmosphere, the 10-track release comprises some tracks that were mainstays within the band's live shows - featuring in their US tour set-list - alongside others which were written later in the recording process. During the creation of Decent Shapes, the band also experimented with swapping instruments, allowing for different playing styles and songwriting approaches.

1. Red Lines
2. The Guilt
3. Party Interest
4. Future Trash
5. Drainer
6. Severance Pay
7. Direct Debit
8. Cancellation Notice
9. No Vacation
10. Signals

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