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Don't Kiss Your Friends

Don't Kiss Your Friends

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Songwriting since the age of 12, Maya Cumming has honed a brand of lyricism that marries the classic pop structures and storytelling of the parental favourites that permeated her childhood home, together with the nonchalant Gen Z cool of Clairo, and the suburban poetry of Lorde. With her poignant elliptical storytelling, clear eyed observational lyricism, and songwriting full of musical left-turns, as MAY-A she interrogates the realities of youth with clarity and maturity beyond her nineteen years to global acclaim.


  1. Am I In My Head
  2. Swing of Things
  3. Central Station
  4. Daffodils


  1. Time I Love To Waste
  2. Apricots
  3. Swing of Things feat. Powfu
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