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Enema of the State

Enema of the State

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It's a cover designed for a 12inch isn't it? Beyond the sex sells exterior though is a collection of concentrated immature male teenage anthems. That's not a diss either. We all need those from time to time and on 'Enema...' Blink has turned that craft into an art form. From an era dominated by Nu-Metal faux aggression, this fresh pop-punk masterpiece is always worth a listen. You'll be asking 'What's My Age Again?' by the end of side two - such is the enjoyable nostalgic regression.

1. Dumpweed
2. Don't Leave Me
3. Aliens Exist
4. Going Away to College
5. What's My Age Again?
6. Dysentery Gary
7. Adam's Song
8. All the Small Things
9. The Party Song
10. Mutt
11. Wendy Clear
12. Anthem

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