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Harry Styles

Fine Line

Fine Line

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I was as surprised as anybody at this beautifully restrained and organic pop release from former One Direction-er Harry Styles. Recorded at Peter Gabriel's 'Real World Studios' - his obvious influence is being generationally co-opted by Styles. Where modern pop is zigging, Styles seems to zag, foregoing thick electronic hyper-pop  sounds for acoustic instruments, recorded well. Where modern pop has choked dynamic to fit within Spotify playlists, many of the tracks on 'Fine Line' breathe with the listener, breeding an intimacy reminiscent of older pop masters like Jackson Browne, Paul Simon or Kate Bush.

1. Golden
2. Watermelon Sugar
3. Adore You
4. Lights Up
5. Cherry
6. Falling
7. To Be So Lonely
8. She
9. Sunflower, Vol. 6
10. Canyon Moon
11. Treat People with Kindness
12. Fine Line

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