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Wombats, The

Fix Yourself, Not the World (Blue/Orange Exclusive Vinyl)

Fix Yourself, Not the World (Blue/Orange Exclusive Vinyl)

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The Wombats burst into 2022 with a fantastic album. Full of the hook driven synth infused Britpop tracks that are their staple - Murph and the boys also dive headlong into growing up and into the world today. The lyrics are as witty and cutting as ever but there is a new maturity that travels throughout that will come as no surprise to us who have grown up alongside this band. 

The Eco-Mix - available now - is a Gatefold made entirely from recycled materials.

Side A
1. Flip Me Upside Down
2. This Car Drives All By Itself
3. If You Ever Leave, Im Coming With You
4. Ready For The High
5. Method to the Madness
6. People Dont Change People, Time Does
Side B
1. Everything I Love Is Going To Die
2. Work Is Easy, Life Is Hard
3. Wildfire
4. Dont Poke The Bear
5. Worry
6. Fix Yourself, Then The World (Reach Beyond Your Fingers)

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