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Sleeping Giant

Fortress / Foot - External Forces Split Single (7" Limited Edition Green Vinyl)

Fortress / Foot - External Forces Split Single (7" Limited Edition Green Vinyl)

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Sleeping Giant are back - and they're back heavier and harder than we've seen them before with this absolute behemoth of a track crawling out of the abyss and into your earholes on October 30th.

Following the successful release of their eponymous debut in 2019, rehearsals and progress on the anticipated follow-up record was halted as a result of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Undeterred, the band have been able to write and record a brand new track from lockdown to give fans a glimpse of what's to come next year.

Having been inspired to move in a heavier direction after recording the epic fan favourite 'Visions' trilogy, new single 'Fortress' has been a feature of their live set ever since the debut record came out and lyrically represents how cancerous cells can debilitate and make you a shadow of your former healthy self. Though the lyrics were written well before COVID, they still bear a strong relevance to the current climate.

This standalone single intended as a bridge between albums was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by frontman/guitarist Steve Hammer and is Sleeping Giant's first foray into the world of home recording.

What's more, Copper Feast Records will be releasing 'Fortress' as a 7" split single before the end of the year alongside label mates Foot on limited edition coloured vinyl which also features a brand new track from Paul Holden & co.

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