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Fossora is Björk’s 10th studio album, following on from 2017’s Utopia. The word fossora derives from Latin meaning “hole digger”, representing Björk’s intent to dig up and re-discover her roots, giving them new meanings. Some of the album’s themes are indeed Björk’s family, her home country Iceland, love, and the idea of belonging to a place. Björk worked on the album during her stay in Iceland over the course of 5 years, and the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine / lockdown helped her to cement her vision.

In an interview with The Guardian it was revealed that the album would feature her son Sindri, her daughter Ísadóra (aka Doa), the singer-songwriter serpentwithfeet, and contributions from the Indonesian dance duo Gabber Modus Operandi. Sonically the album was described as “organic and spacious, earthbound” with a recurring sextet of bass clarinet and “violent outbursts” of gabber. The album also includes two songs written for Björk’s late mother, the environmental activist Hildur Rúna Hauksdóttir, who passed away in 2018.

The artwork for the album was shot by Vidar Logi on August 31, 2022 and revealed along with the tracklist and release date.

  1. Atopos
  2. Ovule
  3. Mycelia
  4. Sorrowful Soil
  5. Ancestress
  6. Fagurt Er í Fjörðum
  7. Victimhood
  8. Allow?
  9. Fungal City
  10. Trölla-Gabba
  11. Freefall
  12. Fossora
  13. Her Mother's House
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