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Dua Lipa

Future Nostalgia

Future Nostalgia

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Sometimes homage can lead to something close to perfection. Dua Lipa's sonic time trip to the 90's disco lounge heyday is as close to a perfect modern pop album as you are likely to hear. There's disco strings reminiscent of Diana Ross, funk bass-lines and vocal hooks à la turn of the millennium Kylie Minogue and British rap bridges that sound like something off 'Spice World'. Immaculate production and stunning delivery make the LP cohesive and sincere. This isn't a throwback album as a disingenuous money maker, (although it has made a lot of that), this is a love letter from a fan of the genre, done exquisitely. 

1. Future Nostalgia
2. Don't Start Now
3. Cool
4. Physical
5. Levitating
6. Pretty Please
7. Hallucinate
8. Love Again
9. Break My Heart
10. Good in Bed
11. Boys Will Be Boys

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