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Giving the world away (Coke bottle clear LP)

Giving the world away (Coke bottle clear LP)

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Limited edition pressing on coke bottle clear vinyl!

Giving The World Away, the sophomore album from Hatchie, is the truest introduction to the songwriter/bassist at the helm of the project, Harriette Pilbeam. Produced by Jorge Elbrecht, Giving The World Away is Hatchie's most thunderous, sprawling work yet. Featuring input from longtime Hatchie collaborator Joe Agius, it takes the celestial, shimmering shoegaze and pop sensibilities of her earlier releases, but with the volume knob cranked up tenfold.

Built out with percussion from Beach House drummer James Barone, it's synthed-out, sonic opulence, a more structured and ornate musicality with traces of '90s trip-hop and acid house influences.

Pitbeam initially intended for these songs to go in a higher-energy direction . She had the distinct vision of a Hatchie show turned dance party, inviting more movement and vibrancy into her live shows. But then, between Covid and the lockdowns in Australia, Pilbeam retreated more into herself, and that introspection and self-discovery served as the true inspiration for the record. Again and again across Giving The World Away, she returns to that same theme of dismantling internalized shame and finding gratitude and steadiness, and finally being able to trust herself.

Giving The World Away is an album about self-confidence, about the strange time in young adulthood where you begin to finally be able to see yourself clearly, incisive and probing. Giving The World Away is the clearest look at Pilbeam yet, and a relic of the power and bravery that spring forth from embracing vulnerability and putting your heart on the line.

Side A 1. Lights on 2. This Enchanted 3. Twin 4. Take My Hand 5. The Rhythm 6. Quicksand
Side B
1. Thinking of 2. Giving the World Away 3. The Key 4. Don't Leave Me in the Rain 5. Sunday Song 6. Til We Run Out of Air
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