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Greater City, Greater Love

Greater City, Greater Love

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Limited 20 Page Zine Included Inspired by poetic lyricism, Fountaineer's debut album 'Greater City, Greater Love' is a nostalgic love letter to Bendigo exploring the complexities of the small town they grew up in. The LP vinyl comes with a limited 'Greater City, Greater Love' zine created by local Bendigo artist Simon McKeown.

1. Sirens (Part 1 &2)
2. Still Life
3. The Cricketers
4. Boxing Days
5. Wide Awake Library
6. Lights Beyond The Edge of Town
7. Words With Friends
8. Grand Old Flags
9. Onomatopeia
10. Some Bright Sparks
11. Vase City Blues
12. I Will Become/Hinges On


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