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Halo (Transparent Orange Vinyl)

Halo (Transparent Orange Vinyl)

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Halo rings in a new era for Bakar. The sonic counterpart to his acclaimed 2018 mixtape BADKID, Bakar can be compared to a modern-day Jack Kerouac on this second album, exploring the dichotomy the young artist feels between the nomadic loneliness of a life constantly on the road and the “lifestyle” of being a musician.

Bakar narrates the universal story of love, and the ever-changing human experience through his music, with upcoming second album Halo being his most captivating work yet.

1. OneInOneOut
2. Alive!
3. Facts_Situations
4. All Night
5. Selling Biscuits
6. I'm Done
7. Right Here, For Now
8. Hate The Sun
9. Invisible
10. To Open My Heart
11. Hell N Back

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