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Carla Geneve



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HERTZ marks a change in perspective for Geneve, informed by major life changes and intense growth brought to life with her signature brutally honest lyricism The release of the singer/songwriter's debut album, the AMP-nominated Learn To Like It, coincided with the pandemic resulting in the quiet months that followed spent conceptualising and writing her second LP. "My experience had broadened - I'd been touring and working so hard for so long and then I finally had a chance to do not much at all. I was also diagnosed with bipolar at that time. Understanding the implications of that diagnosis is a big part of this album," she explains.

1. Growing Pains
2. Drive Carefully
3. Jesus Take The Wheel
4. Bills
5. Feel
6. Euthymia 02:47
7. Play School
8. Pisswreck
9. Spilt Milk
10. Venus
11. Little Creatures In The Water

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