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Kooks, The

Inside In / Inside Out

Inside In / Inside Out

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The debut from Luke Pritchard and co. is a solid entry in the garage-rock canon. Dropped in 2006 at the peak of revivalist indie rock bands like 'The White Stripes', 'The Strokes' and 'The Hives', The Kooks firmly joined them at the coalface with a distinctively British take on jagged guitars and catchy melodies.

1. Seaside
2. See the World
3. Sofa Song
4. Eddie's Gun
5. Ooh La
6. You Don't Love Me
7. She Moves in Her Own Way
8. Matchbox
9. Naïve
10. I Want You
11. If Only
12. Jackie Big Tits
13. Time Awaits
14. Got No Love

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