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Strokes, The

Is This It

Is This It

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The first longplay of the New York quintet is considered one of the most exciting and energetic debuts of all time. With the songs "Modern Age", "Someday", "Last Nite" and "Hard to Explain", the troupe around charismatic singer Julian Casablancas provided first-class post-punk anthems.

Musikexpress 9/01: "The Strokes have given us an all-round happy rock record. The Strokes have managed the feat of combining catchiness and aspiration."

1. Is This It
2. The Modern Age
3. Soma
4. Barely Legal
5. Someday
6. Alone, Together
7. Last Nite
8. Hard To Explain
9. New York City Cops
10. Trying Your Luck
11. Take It Or Leave It

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