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Cub Sport

Jesus At The Gay Bar (Coke Bottle Green)

Jesus At The Gay Bar (Coke Bottle Green)

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For their entire career, Cub Sport have been searching for some kind of absolution. To listen to the Brisbane band’s music is to see a process of unburdening and unlearning in slow motion: their four albums to date plot a progression away from shame and towards joy, celebration and pure euphoria.
On their resplendent fifth album Jesus At The Gay Bar, Cub Sport finally reach that point of ecstatic lightness, or at least somewhere close to it.

Using the language of bright, crystalline dance music as shorthand for a kind of hard-won spiritual freedom, Jesus At The Gay Bar finds the four-piece – Tim Nelson, Sam Netterfield, Zoe Davis and Dan Puusaari – largely shedding hangups and celebrating love and life in all its manifestations.

1. Always Got The Love
2. Replay
3. High For Summer
4. Keep Me Safe
5. Zoom
6. Songs About It
7. Beg U
8. Hold
9. Yaya (Featuring Mallrat)
10. Magic in U

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