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Kill The Moonlight (20th Anniversary White Vinyl)

Kill The Moonlight (20th Anniversary White Vinyl)

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Released in 2002, Kill the Moonlight is the fourth album by the American rock band Spoon.

The album features a stripped-down, minimal sound that incorporates various instruments such as tambourines and pianos along with a distinct production style.

Sonically the album presents itself as an indie rock album and is an adventure in starkness. This album has the sound of a band that has nailed their particular aesthetic to the wall with pride and precision

Celebrate this album's 20th Anniversary with this limited edition vinyl by adding it to your collection today!

Pressed on White Vinyl


  1. Small Stakes
  2. The Way We Get By
  3. Something To Look Forward To
  4. Stay Don't Go
  5. Jonathan Fisk
  6. Paper Tiger
  7. Someone Something
  8. Don't Let It Get You Down
  9. All The Pretty Girls Go To The City
  10. You Gotta Feel It
  11. Back To Life
  12. Vittorio E.
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