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Limited Edition Pro-Ject Dark Side of The Moon Turntable

Limited Edition Pro-Ject Dark Side of The Moon Turntable

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This is a special order product. Please contact us for more details if you're interested!

"The Dark Side Of The Moon" is truly an iconic album, and not just for the music, but for the artwork itself. It shows an enigmatic prism which reflects beams of light into space, a magical and mystical theme which illustrates the band‘s complex sound world.

For us, it was very clear: We need to create a turntable out of this artwork, which reproduces the dynamic and colours of the original album.

The result is an extraordinary turntable, the likes of which has never been seen before. We were able to keep the core aspects of the artwork design and combined it with high quality materials: the plinth is made of MDF which offers the perfect base, while the stainless steel axle of the heavy aluminium sub platter sits in a bronze bushing. The flat silicon belt builds the connection to the AC motor, which ensures stable speeds.

The low resonance tonearm is a complete new design and definitely one of the highlights of this turntable. Its combination of black aluminium parts and acrylic results in an absolute eye-catcher. The supplied Pick it PRO Special Edition is tuned to fit the whole concept and delivers the rich sound you would expect for a Dark Side Of The Moon turntable.

Paired with the LED backlit rainbow, the turntable looks even more impressive while listening to your favourite records in the dark.

Material - Glass
Tonearm Length - 8.60 inches
Material - Aluminium/Acrylic


Shipping Height - 0.24m
Shipping Width  - 0.48m
Shipping Depth - 0.40m
Shipping Weight - 7.50kg

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