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They Might Be Giants

Long Tall Weekend

Long Tall Weekend

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Includes bonus track and digital download. Long Tall Weekend is They Might Be Giants' seventh studio album, originally released in 1999. The album made music history by becoming the first downloadable online-only album ever to be released by any major artist. It is a set of some highly unusual recordings even by TMBG standards! Includes the beloved original recording of the song "Older."

1. Drinkin'
2. (She Thinks She's) Edith Head
3. Maybe I Know
4. Rat Patrol
5. Token Back To Brooklyn
6. Older
7. Operators Are Standing By
8. Dark And Metric
9. Reprehensible
10. Certain People I Could Name
11. Counterfeit Faker
12. They Got Lost
13. Lullabye To Nightmares
14. On Earth My Nina
15. The Edison Museum

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