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Making It (Orange Vinyl)

Making It (Orange Vinyl)

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Platinum selling artist and Eurovision contestant Montaigne is back with her new album ‘making it!' Montaigne is one of Australia's most unique and creative pop artists and with her third album she continues to push the boundaries of pop. ‘making it!' includes the singles ‘now (in space)', ‘always be you' featuring legendary talking heads front man David Byrne and ‘die b4 u'.


  1. in the green room
  2. embodi3d
  3. die b4 u
  4. jc ultra
  5. now (in space)


  1. sickcrydie
  2. make me feel so(feat. Dadi Freyr)
  3. always be you (with David Byrne)
  4. gravity (with David Byrne)
  5. comet death (feat Maika Loubte)
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