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Money Shot (MAYBE - Rare Oxblood Opaque Red with Black Swirl)

Money Shot (MAYBE - Rare Oxblood Opaque Red with Black Swirl)

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Born somewhere in the Arizona desert, Puscifer is an electro-rock band, a multimedia experience, a traveling circus and survivors of alien abduction. The group's catalog consists of three studio albums - "V is for Vagina" (2007), "Conditions Of My Parole" (2011) and "Money $hot" (2015) - as well as a number of EPs and remixes. In addition to the core trio of Maynard James Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle), Mat Mitchell (guitar, production) and Carina Round (vocals, songwriting), the group's ever-evolving ecosystem includes Greg Edwards (bass, guitar, keys), Gunnar Olsen (drums) et al.

This copy has potentially been mislabelled during production. If the discs inside are actually just black vinyls please reach out and we will refund you the difference.

  1. Galileo
  2. Agostina
  3. Grand Canyon
  4. Simultaneous (Da)
  5. Moneyshot
  6. The Arsonist
  7. The Remedy
  8. Smoke And Mirrors
  9. Life Of Brian (Apparently You Haven'T Seen)
  10. Autumn
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