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Muna (Olive Green Vinyl)

Muna (Olive Green Vinyl)

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Los Angeles-based trio MUNA - comprised of Katie Gavin (she/they), Naomi McPherson (they/them), and Josette Maskin (she/they) - have announced their forthcoming self-titled album, set for release on Saddest Factory Records (Phoebe Bridgers’ label).

MUNA is a career defining record, from a band who continue to push their own artistic boundaries, who aren't afraid to be vulnerable and are fiercely honest in all aspects of their craft. MUNA might just be their masterpiece.

  1. Silk Chiffon (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
  2. What I Want
  3. Runners High
  4. Home By Now
  5. Kind Of Girl
  6. Handle Me
  7. No Idea
  8. Solid
  9. Anything But Me
  10. Loose Garment
  11. Shooting Star
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