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Bombay Bicycle Club

My Big Day (Indie Pink Vinyl)

My Big Day (Indie Pink Vinyl)

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Heading back to the band’s studio in London, Bombay Bicycle Club have lovingly crafted album six – My Big Day. It’s a powerful, expansive body of work, replete with an irrepressible dose of joy too. My Big Day also found the band’s studio door wedged open for a collaborative experience, inviting the likes of Damon Albarn, Jay Som, Nilüfer Yanya, and Holly Humberstone, who all feature.

  1. Just A Little More Time
  2. I Want To Be Your Only Pet
  3. Sleepless (feat. Jay Som)
  4. My Big Day
  5. Turn The World On
  6. Meditate (feat. Nilufer Yanya)
  7. Rural Radio Predicts The Rapture
  8. Heaven (feat. Damon Albarn)
  9. Tekken 2
  10. Diving (feat. Holly Humberstone)
  11. Onward
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